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Samaritan Inn Takes a Trip to Sky Zone

We were able to share a wonderful experience at Sky Zone with all of our children at Samaritan Inn a few weeks ago! It is because of people like you who are reading this post that we are able to continue doing these events and have meaningful conversations with the children, either on the drive there or the drive home, that are impacting their lives in ways that sometimes you never hear about or see! We are so thankful to have so many partners on board that pour into this ministry, and we hope these photos are just an opportunity for you to see the joy that we are able to see on the faces of these children. I would like to ask more than anything that you continue to keep our families and staff in your prayers; we are as full as we can be and wouldn’t have it any other way! Your prayers are what we covet the most as we understand and know that they are constantly changing lives for so many that have come through our doors! If you have any desire to partner with us in any capacity, please contact me via email at Thank you for all of your love and support as we continue to meet needs and share Christ with our families at Samaritan Inn.

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