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The Women's Care Center is a residential program for women who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The program is designed to provide a safe place for women to recover through counseling, Bible study, life skills instruction and one-on-one mentoring to prepare them for wholesome, productive lives.


The Women's Care Center's program is highly structured to ensure a stable and stress-free environment that allows the women to concentrate their emotional resources on resolving the issues that brought them to this place in their lives. Resident's days are filled with approximately 24 hours of classes each week including Bible study, household chores and service opportunities. Central to the program is the principle of the personal responsibility. Upon acceptance to the Center, each woman establishes goals to be accomplished during her stay and creates a plan for reaching those goals. She is then held accountable to follow through in a responsible manner.


The one-year program is divided into three phases:


Phase One lasts five months and involves intensive counseling, bible study, financial and other life skills education and one-on-one mentoring with women from the church and the community.


Phase Two involves finding work and learning to implement the lessons learned in order to ensure long-term success after transitioning back into society.


Phase Three is available for women who need extra time to establish a healthy rhythm in their lives before leaving the program. They are able to continue living at the center while they transition, if they choose to.  They have a little more freedom but maintain an accountability relationship with the program staff.


The Women's Care Center has eight bedrooms and can accommodate 16 women. The comfortable home has office space, an apartment for a live-in resident manager, a commercial kitchen, a laundry facility and living and dining rooms that are used as classroom space on a daily basis. A spacious Florida room is home to exercise equipment for resident use.


The Women'sCare Center opened in 1989 to provide shelter for displaced women and their children. the program has since shifted focus to women without children in their care so that they may focus on recovery and growth so that they may return to be better partners, parents and friends. In 2015, the center sheltered and ministered to 27 women as they rebuilt their lives.

Partnering Options

  • Build relationships with Pizza/Game night

  • Mentor women

  • Organize onsite or offsite outdoor activities

  • Teach Bible study, life skills or other classes

  • Sponsor a woman for a day ($11), a week ($75) or longer

  • Provide emergency care for a homeless woman as she gets back on her feet and re-unites with her family


The Women's Care Center staff consists of three positions:

  • Director: oversees all operations of the Women's Care Center, its programs, facilities, staff and residents

  • Assistant Director: aids the Director with operations of the center, its programs, facilities, staff, volunteers and residents

  • Resident Manager: provides after-hours security and safety while residing on the property


The staff is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers who support the educational and mentoring components of the program.

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Sherry Stewart

Director | Women's Care Center

Sherry is the Director of the Women’s Care Center and has previously served as the Assistant Director of the Pregnancy & Family Care Center and Assistant Director of the Women’s Care Center. Sherry has a Bachelor’s of Ministry in Christian Counseling and has 2 children and 6 grandsons.  She and her husband Neil have a long history of working in local jail ministry, serving in their church, and engaging their community with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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