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Samaritan Inn Families Enjoy a Fun Night of Bowling

Our beautiful families at Samaritan Inn were able to enjoy an amazing evening out bowling and playing in the arcade over at Villa Port! Everyone had such an amazing time, and we are so thankful for those who contributed the funding so that we would be able to have this special time. It seems that each time we go, the kids have a blast beating all the parents with bowling scores that sometimes double ours!! Nonetheless, seeing the smiles on all of their faces is what makes this ministry so incredible. The joy and the laughter that we get to see the parents sharing with their children during a night out is such a blessing that cannot be described in words. We so appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for all the families who live in Samaritan Inn. If you have any interest in partnering with us or connecting, please feel free to reach out to Samaritan Inn Director John Draxinger at 352-396-8439. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to meet needs and share Christ!

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