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A Restored Man, A Restored Family

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Psalms 133:1 says, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” Zach came to us about a year ago broken. His family was broken, his spirit was broken, his life was broken. His wife Brittani was done. She was tired of the hurt, pain and chaos drugs had brought into this family. She was done watching their children’s hearts break due to their dad’s addiction. So, with nowhere else to turn Zach reached out to God and made his way to the Christian Care Center Men’s Residence.

Zach spent his time at the residence wisely. He sought counsel from all the leaders every day he was here. He made mistakes, as we all do, but he was very humble and took correction well. The first time I personally met Brittani, I could feel the pain and knew she was serious about ending this marriage. She stated the only way this marriage could be saved was by the hand of God.

When we think of the clients of the Men’s Residence, we often think of just them. We tend to forget about the family at home dealing with the havoc and pain left behind. But God never forgets. God is all about restoring the love of a family broken by addiction.

One of the services we offer is marriage and family counseling for the clients. After a client has completed half of the program, we bring in the wife and the children to begin the healing process for the whole family. Brittani and Zach had years of addiction to work through. But both of them fought for their family. The children also had an opportunity to come in and work through their pain.

God desires a family in unity. We were blessed to watch God take a family broken by addiction and bring healing and unity. The week Zach completed the program and went home to his family, he got news that his daughter from a previous relationship was also coming to live with him for some time. God was able to use the Men’s Residence to bring some healing in her heart as well. When she made it down to Florida, she was given an opportunity to come for counseling as well to deal with the pain she experienced with not having her dad in her life.

Zach has now moved out, works for our Thrift Store and is leading his family in godly unity. He and his wife still come for marriage and family counseling. They have grown in the Lord in so many ways. They still have problems, just as any marriage, but now they have the tools to work through their problems in a way that illustrates the love of Christ in their hearts.

God doesn’t just show up here to bring healing for the addict; He shows up and restores the broken families to a life of godly unity! If you would like to partner with us through prayer, financial, or through service to be a part in this beautiful ministry of family restoration, email me at or call us at 352-787-9904.

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