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Mom Returns with Two-Year-Old to Say Thank You

Yolanda came to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center (PFCC) in a desire to abort her baby. She and her husband already had four children, and he worked very hard to keep a roof over their heads. They didn’t think that they would be able to manage another child. Sadly, they were afraid of being chastised by their church if they found out she was pregnant again. Yolanda was lovingly counseled and reminded that her baby was created in the image of God and that He had a plan for her family through this unexpected pregnancy. She called back later that night and shared that she and her husband talked again and decided to continue with her pregnancy. Recently, Yolanda stopped by the PFCC to say “thank you” for the Biblical counsel which resulted in the birth of their much loved now two-year-old little girl, who she now refers to as her “miracle girl”!

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