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I really was trying to run away, but so glad I didn't!

April and Thad walked in the Pregnancy & Family Care Center, mentioning that she was considering abortion. A couple minutes later she left and said she would be right back. The Holy Spirit nudged me to get her, as she was going to leave. Sure enough, she already had her toddler strapped in the car. I explained to her reasons why she would benefit from our services which would include a free referral for an ultrasound, to check the viability of her pregnancy and to make sure how far along she was, and also how we could help with her toddler’s needs. They reluctantly agreed to come back into the Center.

Feeling very overwhelmed with a recent move to Florida, taking care of her three boys with her boyfriend, and working, the logical thing to do in her mind was to have an abortion as she didn't want to take away from her three children that she was already caring for. I explained to her the abortion pill procedure.

After realizing how the abortion pill worked, there was no way that she would allow her baby to die by starvation. The only other option was to have a suction abortion that I explained would tear her nine-and-a-half-week baby's limbs off of him or her. The thought of that happening to her baby made her very distraught as well.

We assured her that God had a plan for her pregnancy and even with all the concerns they have right now, the answer wasn't to kill her baby. And she agreed! Then she admitted that she was in fact trying to run away from the Pregnancy Center and when I appeared outside at their car, that she was still trying to leave. She now is very glad she came back inside. She entered the Pregnancy & Family Care Center full of hopelessness and anxiety but left with a smile on her face and hope! Pray for this family to connect with a local church!

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