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Women’s Care Center Residents Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The ladies of the Women’s Care Center got to celebrate Valentine’s Day early this year when they were invited to the home of Jay & Linda Powell. The Powell’s open their home to the ladies once every month or so, for a wonderful time of fellowship, fun and delicious food.

This visit opened with a special poem – Valentine’s Day with Jesus -by Marilyn Ferguson and then a special prayer from Jay! Linda followed with a “Valentine’s Luncheon”. All of the ladies learned how to prepare each item on the menu and then everyone got to enjoy…Layered Crab Dip, French Onion Soup, Beef Wellington, Potatoes Au Gratin & Chocolate Mousse Parfait! It was absolutely delicious!

Then came a special surprise – a visit from Elvis! It was a time of singing and a whole lot of laughs! Afterwards, all of the ladies got to join in singing some of their favorite hymns.

The Powell’s share a special place in each of the ladies’ hearts, and it is always such a blessing to visit them, hear a little of their story and feel all of the love that they share! The Women’s Care Center was able to celebrate the Powell’s 50th Wedding Anniversary with them last June and look forward to many more celebrations to come!

If you would like to learn more about the Women’s Care Center or how you might be able to partner with us, either prayerfully or financially, please contact our Women’s Care Center Director, Sherry Stewart (352) 787-8929

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