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Transforming our Children's Shelter into a Home

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Imagine with me for a moment being a child. Imagine growing up and only seeing abuse, drug use, stealing, and lying. Imagine strangers come to your house one night and take you away from your parents, your family, your house, your friends, your school , and any bit of normal life you might have once had.

Imagine being placed in home where you feel you don’t belong. This is what is happening to many of children in our community. What happens next is even worse. After being taken away from their families and placed somewhere they are supposed to feel loved and safe children are being asked to leave placement after placement because they don’t know how to behave. Children when moved around in foster care experience even more trauma in their lives. This causes them to fall behind in school, it causes them to act out aggressively, it causes them to lose any sort of chance to improve themselves or gain stability.

This is where our Children’s Shelter steps in. In our Christian Care Center Children’s Shelter we have made a commitment to do whatever we can in HIS Power to keep these children in our care until we can find a permanent placement. We believe this allows GOD to really bring stability, and security in these children’s lives.

We have seen children bring their F’s to straight A’s. We have been able to get them the counseling and services they need in order to turn their lives around. But there is a need in our shelter.

Our shelter at the moment has an institutional feel. We believe that if we can create more a homelike setting for the children, they will be so much better off. Since we tend to keep children for years at times we feel they deserve a home, not a shelter. This is where we need your help. Our Children’s Shelter is in need of financial donations to upgrade the living environment for our children in care. We believe these children need to believe they are worth it since they are children of GOD. We want to give them new flooring rather than the industrial floors they have now. We want to create living spaces that make them feel as if they are home, not in a program. Please pray about becoming involved in giving these children in care the home they deserve.

CLICK HERE to give online or contact Jamie Scher at 352-787-2448 or to find out how you can help fill our need.  Jesus said whoever helps even the least of these has helped the Lord Himself. Thank you for partnering with us today! #ccc #christiancarecenter #needy #meetingneeds #sharingchrist

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