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Read to Me, Mama

Shalatia stopped by the Pregnancy & Family Care Center to donate some nice baby clothes with other items and received a book to read to her daughter in return!

Hundreds of books have been donated through the coordination efforts of volunteer counselor, Polly Bates. Manatee Herd Neighborhood Association (Hillsborough District of The Villages) donated hundreds of books for babies and children whose moms and dads come through the Pregnancy & Family Care Center. Also, Kacey Brock, with Salon Gloss in Lady Lake, has donated new books and Bibles in addition to some of their customers donating baby items as well.

A bookmark placed in each book encourages parents to read to their babies and children every day, building their babies brain skills in as little as 10 minutes a day! The bookmark encourages parents to

  1. Teach new words as they point to pictures

  2. Teach rhyming

  3. Encourage creativity and imagination

  4. Model the value of education

  5. Prepare their baby for a bright future!

Thank you to all who contribute to our baby book club!

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