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Reaching Our Teenagers

It seems that on most days, so much of our focus here at the Children’s Shelter is on the younger children. We are constantly doing things like trying to find them tutors, keeping up with their homework, trying to break up their little fights, and building relationships to help build their trust. But recently there has been a focus here to our teenagers.

The past couple of months our focus has been on helping our teens transition into adulthood. We had a 17-year old girl age out a month ago, and we were sure to make sure we did all we could to help prepare her for the future. We had gotten her set up for her ACT, set up for her to get her volunteer hours needed for graduation, and we had to teach her some basic life skills she was going to need to make it! We were also able to find her a host family, so that she didn’t have to finish up her high school year all alone. With one out and four to go, we still had much to do. With much prayer and guidance from the Lord we have been able to get three more jobs to help teach them about financial responsibility.

We have been working with a local program to assist them with housing when they age out. We were able to get all of our teens their learner’s permits, and we have taken advantage of the Normalcy Program which allows our youth to have a normal teenage experience. Teenagers have it really hard these days with the enemy coming at them at all ends. It really frightens me to think of these children turning 18 and out on their own.

So we have made it our focus to do whatever we can by the strength and wisdom of the Lord, to give them as much direction we can and build lasting relationships with these teens to be able to walk with them, even when they walk out our doors. Please be in prayer for our teenagers here at the Children’s Shelter and the rest of the teens in our nation fighting the good fight. Join us as we do our part in raising a community of youth that can overcome their circumstances and pain.

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