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Rachel Caruso to Join Staff at the CCC

God really does work in mysterious ways, and it is so encouraging to see how He always has a plan before we know we have a need! Our Pregnancy & Family Care Center recently went through some staffing changes, as our Assistant Director felt the Lord leading her in a different direction. Right when this happened, our PFCC Director, Wanda, received an interesting text. Read what Wanda shared with us:

“I was afraid that finding another Assistant Director might take a long time, but God opened a door. Just two days later, I received a text from Rachel Caruso, “Please keep me in prayer, and let me know if you know of any other pregnancy care centers that would have a paid position, any of them, I just want to be an advocate for the unborn, just have to have a job too!” She had no idea that we had a position available when she texted me - this was such a God thing! Rachel had been my assistant for 3½ years ending in 2010. She only quit because she was asked to be the director of our Women’s Care Center. Rachel came out of a past involving drugs and an abortion but God totally, radically, transformed her life, and now she lives to serve Jesus. Since Rachel’s time away from us, she has served as the director of the Women’s Care Center, worked with the youth at her church, Sumterville Assembly of God, been a Bible teacher at a Christian school in Sumterville, went into the schools and taught risk avoidance (abstinence, no drugs, drinking, etc.) through my friend Darla’s program, E-3 Solutions, and most recently was an office manager for Seedling (a seed company in Webster.) Rachel is married to Christian and has three children: Braden Carnley who is married to Kristen and their son, Issachar, who is almost a year old; Courtney (18) and Christian (16). Rachel’s first day back with us was Monday, December 31.”

Rachel, we are so thankful to have you back on staff and cannot wait to see how the Lord will use you here on our campus!

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