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  • Gina Beasley, Women's Care Center Asst. Dir.

Pillowcase Dresses

Recently one of our sweet friends, that loves on our ladies at the Women’s Care Center, was able to come and teach a few of the ladies how to make dresses out of pillowcases.  These were not just any dresses – they were being sewn with love and being sent to children in Taiwan & Argentina.

It was a delightful project and created such joy in being able to take part in something to bless others.  The ladies enjoyed making the precious dresses and prayed over the dresses as well as the sweet children that would receive them.

One of our ladies was also able to make a dress for her own daughter.  Not only was this a blessing for this sweet momma’s heart, but it also put a big smile on her daughter’s face… knowing that it had been made especially for her. 

The ladies at the Women’s Care Center have an opportunity to sit and soak up the Word of God, truly find their identity in Christ while learning some valuable life skills, and work on becoming the women that God created them to be!  If you would like to learn more about the Women’s Care Center or how you could partner with us, either prayerfully or financially – contact our Director, Sherry Stewart at (352) 787-8929.

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