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Parade at the Children's Shelter During the Coronavirus

In Galatians 6:2 we are told to “Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Social distancing and shelter-at-home orders can be really tough on parents and children. But imagine for a minute being a child who couldn't turn to their parents during times of uncertainty as these. These times give most stable adults a bit of anxiety but, for a child in care, this can be most triggering to them. The light in these dark times for many has been getting to spend time with their families, but for our children they are being forced to stay in a shelter.

One of things that our Children’s Shelter is proud of is the community of volunteers that have been a family to our children in care while they are away from their families. But, of course, with all that is going on, that family has been taken away as well. But the Word of God tells us to bear one another's burdens, and that is just what our community has done. In a more creative way, we have been working diligently with our volunteer family to ensure our children still feel their love and support. One way has been by providing meals.

Every evening, with the exception of just a few, our children have had a hot meal delivered for dinner. These meals don't only feed the children physically but spiritually as the love of God flows through each dinner. Whether it was made at home with love or ordered and delivered with care, it has shown the children they still have family who are not going anywhere.

These "family" members have also been calling daily to pray with staff and children, made themselves available for ZOOM tutoring sessions, have provided outdoor games and even two swimming pools for the children to have a way of releasing some anxiety! They have donated crafts and are having craft lessons through video chats as well!

Some volunteers as well as some pastors did a special drive-by parade, and they all met on a Saturday afternoon to pray for the shelter before decorating their cars and loading up with balloons and candy to toss out to the kids as they shouted out words of encouragement in drive-by fashion. The children ran up and down the sidewalk chasing after candy thrown from the cars and for chance to see their beloved family!

To bear one another's burdens truly fulfills the law of Christ. If you would like to connect and find a way you can show these children the love of Christ in these times of uncertainty please email Jamie Scher at find out how, all while staying safe and healthy!

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