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Life Coach Elizabeth Serves as Great Asset at the Women's Care Center

The Women’s Care Center is blessed to include Life Coaching as one of the classes for the ladies. Elizabeth Cory, a certified life coach, facilitates the class. She also meets with the ladies prior to graduating to better prepare them for transition.

The weekly classes enable the ladies to become more familiar and comfortable with the coaching process. Elizabeth works with the ladies to discuss strategies, obstacles, life skills and accountability. She coaches them on how to best utilize the tools that they gain while participating in our program and to help them move toward a more satisfying and full life. She uses innovative and practical strategies to help clarify the wants, needs and options to enhance personal accountability and recovery, and the actions required to experience a more joyful life.

Elizabeth volunteers her time throughout the transition process, and this has proved to be a huge asset to all. The Women’s Care Center is certainly blessed by each and every volunteer. If you would like to find out more about the Women’s Care Center, or possibly how you could partner with us, either prayerfully or financially, contact our Women’s Care Center Director, Sherry Stewart at (352) 787-8929

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