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Lemonade Stand for a Cause

“…Truly I tell you, Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

A few day ago, we submitted a letter from two of our volunteers about their dinner at the shelter and when they took 2 children to their homes for a Saturday night out. These ladies love our children so much that they can’t stop talking about this ministry to others. Nancie’s daughter and grandson Charlie wanted to come see the shelter to see what exactly she was doing here and to see what a children’s shelter is even about. It has been a long time tradition for Nancie and her family to host a lemonade stand. So when Charlie came to visit they decided to set up a lemonade stand and raise money for the shelter. They figured it would be a good way not only to raise money but to spread the word about what our Children’s Shelter is trying to accomplish here in our community.

So they set it up, right at the end of Ms. Nancie’s driveway and attracted many of their neighbors in their community! The stories of Nancie’s wonderful experiences were shared, the information about our Children’s Shelter was shared, but also the wonderful news of Jesus was shared as well! When Jamie, our Children’s Shelter Director, received the card decorated by Charlie, I had no idea what was inside. This soon to be 4 year old raised over $120! Now, this child could have taken that money earned after a hard day’s work to buy himself a really nice toy, but instead he donated to our Children’s Shelter so we can make the shelter more of a home for them who have no other place to call home. Oh, to have the same childlike faith as Charlie!

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