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Lee Evans Retires from the CCC

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Sometimes in the life of an organization, the Lord chooses to send certain people who truly make a difference, people who stand out in the hearts and minds of those who work with that organization and who come to almost define that organization. Lee Evans is one such person to the Christian Care Center. He came to us in November of 2010, starting as a temporary fill-in Director for our Benevolence Center. That temporary position quickly turned into a permanent position that lasted almost eight years, and in those eight years Lee touched the lives of so many people. He has been a constant encouragement, a major voice for the Benevolence Center and the Christian Care Center overall and has continually maintained his focus on leading people to know Jesus! This past month, Lee announced his retirement from the Benevolence Center. We will miss him greatly, but we are forever grateful for the huge difference he has made in all of our lives! Tomorrow morning, Lee will be undergoing back surgery, and we ask that you join us in prayer for this surgery and his recovery. Lee, thank you for the joy you have brought to our lives – you will forever be a part of the CCC family!

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