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It Truly Does Take a Village

Selena came to us in February homeless and pregnant. She heard about us through the Benevolence Center where she gets food every month. Selena wanted to confirm her pregnancy and get set up with a doctor as soon as possible and didn’t know where to start.

When we have someone come in to see us, for one thing, it often ends up that there are many obstacles they are facing and need help with. The two of us had some similarities because of my past and we connected right away.

Selena believed only in a “higher power”. She had made that decision based on how people who were Christians had hurt her. Believing that “God was good” was a concept too hard for her understand. The trauma in her life had made her doubt who He says He is.

The two of us got into a deep discussion about all these things and by the time we were finished, she had a new perspective. I shared the gospel with her, and she was ready to denounce her “higher power”. She prayed for forgiveness, gave her pain to God and accepted Jesus as her Savior.

Two months later she walked into our center with one of our previous clients. She didn’t even look like the same girl! She was smiling and laughing. Our previous client let her move in, and she is expecting a healthy baby to be born in June. Selena has had to walk away from toxic relationships and make some really hard choices in order to change her life so drastically. I believe the power of the Holy Spirit has helped her to do so, along with the help of her friend. These two young ladies are helping each other for now and both plan to come to church on Sunday.

Selena wouldn’t have come to us if the Benevolence Center had not sent her. She wouldn’t have had a place to stay or a ride back up here to our center without the help of our previous client. It really does take a village and we have one of the best here at the Christian Care Center!

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