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I Would Have Been in a Grave by Now...

“I want to thank you leading me to Jesus who would ultimately save me and Erica. Tomorrow I will be 16 years sober! I did it. Thanks to you, I couldn't have done it without you, I'd be in a grave by now. Love you!”

What a wonderful reminder sent recently to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center (PFCC) of the power of the Holy Spirit who worked so mightily in this pregnant mom’s life in 2003! Admittedly it was touch and go for her first year … with her packing her bags up at the Women’s Care Center to leave, walking the short distance to the PFCC to share her intent, receiving prayer and encouragement to stay and then returning back to the Women’s Care Center to continue getting help with her addictions.

Erica is now a beautiful young lady and even though they live hundreds of miles away, we still hold them close to our hearts! We thank the Lord for the lives that He continues to transform here at our Christian Care Center

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