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Holy Matrimony

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” Mark 10:9.

Here at the Men’s Center, we are not focused just on the addiction but on helping these men get their entire lives back on track. One of the biggest blessings for the staff here is witness God’s restoration of the entire family unit.

This past month we had the privilege of unifying a couple in holy matrimony. The work God is doing in the lives of our residents has a ripple effect through their entire families. This husband and wife have 5 beautiful children that God is also working in the lives of. They are here twice a week to join their parents in worship and bible studies.

Dad is not just working on becoming drug and alcohol free he is becoming the husband and father that God has created him to be. Many of the men here haven’t had a great family life growing up; they didn’t get to experience a healthy marriage and therefore don’t know how to really be a healthy husband. Many also did not have a great father figure in their lives to teach them how to parent, and now they have Father God to be their example.

The men in our program get one on one counseling, but we also offer marriage counseling and family counseling to help transition our residents back home to their families. God is definitely in the family reconciliation business here and we are so blessed to see his hand at work in these families’ lives. Please pray for this newly married couple and all the families represented here at the Christian Care Center Men’s Residence. If you would like more information on our Men’s Residence, please call Jamie at 352-787-9904.

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