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From Frustration to Opportunity

Around 6 p.m. the doorbell rang at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center. I was trying to walk out the door, already frustrated because I was late to a revival invitation. Begrudgingly, I opened the door, and there was a guy standing outside.

He said that he got abandoned in Leesburg by some friends and now had nowhere to go, and someone told him to come see me. I looked at him and exclaimed (as much to God as to him), "This is a Pregnancy Center, not a shelter!"

He again shared that he didn't know anything about the area and that he was from West Palm Beach. He was scared because the night before he had spent the night with some homeless people.

Trying to get on my way, I told him to come back tomorrow morning and I would see what I could do to help him get back. His forlorn look guilted me into asking if he had eaten supper, and he said he hadn't had anything to eat all day. I ushered him inside and gave him some food I had from the Men's Residence.

While waiting on him to finish, I thought to myself, "Something's wrong with this picture. I'm trying to get to a revival, and I have this young man here who I'm fixing to put out on the street for the night! God, why do You do this to me?"

My thoughts turned from inconvenience to opportunity as I turned to him and said, "Hurry up and eat because, guess what? We're going to church!"

I found out that Michael was only 16 years old, he had already been involved in a gang and was on probation. Being out of the county was a violation of his probation if he got caught.

Michael at the revival

When they made an altar call at the revival, Michael was the first one to go forward to receive Jesus! A couple of men up front ministered to him and ended up taking him to their Christian men's rehab in Wildwood.

Later, I found out that Michael spent the next morning with the other men hearing teachings from the evangelist. Then, the family members of one of the other men in the rehab who had traveled up for their son's graduation Florida took Michael back to his home with them on their return trip. This young man's life was eternally changed!

How many times do we get frustrated with inconveniences instead of seeing them as a set up by God as an opportunity for ministry? In retrospect, I truly thank God for Michael's knock on the door!

-written by Wanda Kohn, Director of our Pregnancy & Family Care Center

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