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Fresh Start Volunteers Pour into the Lives of our Clients

Our Fresh Start volunteers are hard at work with clients this morning! The Fresh Start Job Program exists to help connect people with different jobs in our area. Our volunteers are constantly connecting people in need of a job to employers who are looking for good employees. But they go much further than that by meeting with clients one-on-one, providing advice and encouragement as they help them build their resume, complete the necessary education or training they need, and prepare for an interview. Pictured below are two ladies meeting with our volunteers one-on-one

as they seek out the job that the Lord has for them. Here is a picture of Ken and Sue Bragg with one of our community partners.

There are so many members of our community who partner with us as we seek to place our clients in jobs where they will succeed. We are so thankful for our Fresh Start Job Program that has been in existence for 10 years and has helped so many people as they truly find the fresh start that they so desperately need!

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