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Former Men's Resident Shares of Life Transformed

What an incredible encouragement to hear of the ways God continues to transform lives here on our campus. John Draxinger graduated from our Men’s Residence in April of 2014 and now serves as the Director of the Samaritan Inn. He shared this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and we wanted to share it with you. John wrote,

Things I have today with Jesus that I’d have never received without Him...(just to name a few)

  • My Life

  • My Salvation

  • My Wife

  • My Kids

  • My Family

  • My Friends

  • My Health

  • My Job

  • My Integrity

  • Freedom from Addiction

  • A Clear Conscious

  • My Joy/Purpose for Living...

We are so thankful for John, for the miracles the Lord has worked in his life and the amazing blessing he is to our Christian Care Center family!

If you would like to donate so that we can continue to reach out to men like John, please click here!

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