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Ericka Finds Hope & Healing at the CCC

Having lost both of her parents, Ericka was depressed and broken. At her lowest point, she began to cope through drinking, taking pills and even began having thoughts of suicide. Her family had given up on her and sent her away in a taxi. She found herself homeless and hopeless.

Not long after this, Ericka entered our Women’s Care Center, where she came face to face with Jesus Christ, and her life begin to change! She found the hope and healing she had been looking for. She says that her time at the Women’s Care Center allowed her to “sit at the feet of Jesus.” Ericka’s struggles were not over, but now she has hope!

While she was at the Women’s Care Center, Ericka learned that she had cervical cancer. The Women’s Care Center van was truly essential to allow Ericka to get to and from her numerous appointments with oncologists, radiologists, chemo and radiation.

As you can see from the picture above, we are in desperate need of a newer used van for our Women’s Care Center so that we can continue to reach out to and effectively meet the needs of ladies just like Ericka. These ladies are waiting to know of the hope and healing that can only come through Jesus. Will you please stand in the gap with us and help us purchase this newer used van? Click here to help us reach our $23,000 goal! Thank you in advance for your partnership as we link arms together to reach more ladies like Ericka!

CLICK HERE to give online or CLICK HERE to schedule a tour. #ccc #ChristianCareCenter #needy #meetingneeds #SharingChrist #livestransformed

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