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Children’s Letters of Gratitude

I received a call not too long ago from a wife who was seeking help for her husband. He was 70 years old, and they had four adopted children (the youngest being ten years old). Working with foster youth for years in the past, I understood the amount of pressure that was on this man. He was an active alcoholic, and I could only imagine the hurt he was causing these four children.

When “Tom” finally reached out to me himself, I wasn’t convinced he was ready, and neither was he at that time. After a few weeks he called back. I was very hesitant to even call him back, but God kept tugging at my heart all day. So, I finally gave in and called him back. I had a complete change of heart during this conversation.

“Tom” and his wife had come to our church that Sunday morning and he had already planned on coming to Celebrate Recovery that night (not even knowing I was a leader there). After meeting him, I was really feeling this was God leading me into accepting him into our program. I went out to meet his four children, as well as his wife and it turned out I had already met them a few weeks back at their church. This was definite confirmation. After sharing all of this with the Men’s Residence team we prayed and decided to accept him into the program. “Tom” was really seeking the Lord while in the classes. When he went on passes with his family, they were able to see the work of God already in his life.

The letters attached to this story are from his four adopted children. They were so grateful for the Christian Care Center’s Men’s Residence program and for finally getting their daddy back. This program isn’t just helping men get sober it’s about directing them into a genuine relationship with the Lord which transforms their entire life. It is about restoring families and bringing home daddies. We are excited to see what more the Lord will do in this family’s life. If you would like an opportunity to partner with the Men's Residence, please email me at

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