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Benevolence Center Converts to Drive-Thru in the Midst of the Coronavirus

With the many changing times presented by the Coronavirus, we at the Christian Care Center continue to do everything we can to most effectively reach people in our continued goal to Meet Needs and Share Christ. Our Benevolence Center has converted to a drive-thru service. Our clients simply are pulling up to be greeted by our volunteers and staff, who then load the groceries into their cars. That way, the clients don’t even have to get out of their cars yet can still get the food they so desperately need.

Would you please be in prayer for our team as we continue to serve? Also, pray specifically that we would continue to get the food in that we need to be able to serve our clients. With the limited supplies in grocery stores right now, it is so hard for us to get groceries from the stores that normally supply the food for our Benevolence Center. Would you please pray with us that the Lord will continue to supply the food we need to serve those He sends our way, especially in these difficult days? We would greatly appreciate it!

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