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Becoming a Family Again

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Psalm 133:1 says, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

One of the greatest things about the Children’s Shelter is that it allows us many opportunities to be able to reunite families that have been separated. When large sibling groups are placed into the foster care system, it can be difficult to keep them all together. Fortunately, the children are often placed within a foster home that can care for them all. That’s exactly what happened with Timmy* and his siblings. After being removed from their home, Timmy and his three siblings were placed in a traditional foster home together. Soon Timmy began exhibiting behaviors that were more than the foster family could handle. Trauma often influences the brain which can lead to some concerning behavioral challenges. The foster family decided it would be best to have Timmy removed. Timmy was moved to a new home since at the time he was the only one exhibiting these concerning behaviors. And that’s when God stepped in…

Timmy was placed with us at our Children’s Shelter during the fall of last year. The shelter is equipped with trained staff that can assist children with behavioral issues. The shelter took Timmy right in and showered him with the love and grace of Christ. Working alongside his Family Care Manager we were able to get Timmy all the services needed to be able to get him stabilized. He was doing great in school and his behavior was improving. Timmy was doing well here with us…but it was difficult being away from his siblings. As other children at the shelter were leaving, beds began to open up and God allowed the shelter to take in Timmy’s siblings one by one.

The look on their faces as they became reunited was priceless. They were quickly becoming a family again. Unfortunately, new behaviors started coming up with Timmy and with his siblings as well. This time, rather than separate them, we were able to work with them and keep them together. What an incredible sight to watch them celebrate Christmas together and hear Timmy’s sister Susy* scream out in joy, “I finally now believe in the magic of Christmas!”

It has not been an easy road for Timmy and his siblings, nor has it been smooth sailing here at the shelter with them. But just as God extends His mercy and grace to us, we have returned the mercy and grace to these sweet children and were able to reunite a broken family.

If you are interested in ministry opportunities with the Children’s Shelter, please contact Jamie Scher by phone (352) 787-2448, by email at or visit us at

*Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons

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