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A Valentine's Potluck for Some of our Residents

Some of our friends from Village Park got together to host a Valentine’s Day Potluck for our families at the Samaritan Inn and the Children’s Shelter on Valentine’s Day! It was such a beautiful gathering with tons of incredible food and fellowship.

Our friends at Village Park did such a wonderful job of loving on and catching up with all our residents within these two wonderful ministries. One of the greatest opportunities we have as volunteers is to spread the love of Christ to our families and children that live here. So, even for those who may have been feeling a little lonely on Valentine’s Day, they certainly enjoyed some wonderful company!!

If you have any interest in partnering or volunteering with either the Samaritan Inn or the Children’s Shelter, please feel free to email one of our Directors, John Draxinger at the Samaritan Inn at, or Jamie Scher at the Children’s Shelter at We would like to express our gratitude for the continued support we receive from so many people. We look forward to continued events like this, as we feel like they are such a great opportunity to minister and encourage our folks here!!

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