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A Sweet Surprise

We had a sweet 16-year-old come in last week who was overwhelmed and crying yet trying to hold it together. She told me that she is 16 years old, and the one year old she was holding was hers. She said she wasn’t sure where to turn, but someone sent her here. Her plate is so full: she is still in school and taking summer classes to be able to graduate early next year. She is also enrolled in a Lake Tech nursing program because she wants to be a nurse. She has been working at a fast food restaurant for three months now. She is living with her aunt, but it is only temporary, and her mother is homeless. All she wants is a home that can be stable for her and her son. She said she needs guidance…yes, a 16-year-old said that “she needs guidance.”

We were able to connect her with another agency that did an interview over the phone. Unfortunately, they do not have an opening as of right now, but they do have families willing to take some teens in. Please join us in praying that something works out soon. We were able to send her out with some “blessings” for her cute baby boy from our clothes closet!

But the best news is that one of our volunteers, Susan Johnson, led her to the Lord!

Please join us in praying for this young lady, her new walk with Jesus and all she is facing!

-written by Rachel Caruso, Assistant Director of our Pregnancy & Family Care Center

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