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A Similar Ministry Inspired by a Simple Tour

Several months ago, we had some visitors come from out of state come to take a tour our facility.  These visitors had heard about the Christian Care Center and were interested in starting a similar ministry in their town.  We received a very encouraging note from them a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with you.

“Just wanted you to know that our nonprofit organization, The Grace Place, will meet this afternoon to close on the purchase of a church building with educational and office space, a sanctuary, fellowship hall and a family life center.
We needed to raise $140,000 and we raised $141,000 in cash, not pledges.
This will be our corporate headquarters in the city of Batesville, MS.  This facility will house our Benevolence Center, Fresh Start Job Center, Genesis After School Center and eventually be our intake center for residents of our men, women and family emergency housing as well as our longer-term care centers that we will begin to raise money to build on 11.5 acres we now own south of town.
We now own the church property and the 11.5 acres TOTALLY DEBT FREE.
It will take $4 million to build the buildings for the emergency and long-term housing, and we have not begun to start funding for that yet…it’s a GOD THING…tell your staff, they never know if all their tours turn into something but this one did!!!!

What a blessing to see the Lord bring people from so many different areas to see HIS work here on our campus.  This isn’t our work – it is HIS work, and we give all the glory to Him!

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