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Wanda Watches Come Alive Documentary; Moves to Leesburg to join our Team!

We recently received a letter from a newer volunteer, Wanda, and wanted to share it with you!

Glenn at the Benevolence Center approached me and asked if I would mind writing my testimony of how I came to be a volunteer at the Christian Care Center. I answered yes, of course, that I would be very pleased to share my story.

My journey began with a yearning to be of service in my retirement years. I felt that God still had a purpose for my life in these latter years.

I had recently discovered a movie channel called, “Tubi”. It’s a free channel for movies. It has a drop-down menu, and I chose the faith category. Mixed in with the movies were documentaries.

I found one called “Come Alive”. It was a documentary about the Christian Care Center. I watched it a few times to grasp everything that was being done there. I was surprised that it had been in operation for 30 years and in that time, it had continued to grow and develop to have eight outreach programs. The most amazing part of this story was how much good was being done there by some 250 volunteers. Oh, did I mention this was all being done out of one location? It was a model of persistent service for the underprivileged, tweaked over some 30 years…I did not know of any other place that had a such a working model, such consistency and success while never losing sight of its purpose: helping the poor just as Jesus had done.

I sent a link of the video to a friend of mine who is a Pastor and asked for his opinion. He was just as impressed with the scope of what was being achieved at the Christian Care Center.

I called the Center and happened to get Tammy at the Community Medical Care Center. I had told her my story and that I had been in the hearing profession before my retirement. We chatted for a while with Tammy ending the conversation “We don’t have a hearing service here, and it would be nice to be able to provide it.” I researched what I would need to qualify with the Florida Hearing Association and at the present time I have not been successful in reaching that goal.

I prayed a great deal during this time for God’s will to be done. I thought, “Where is Leesburg?” I did not know where it was located. To my surprise, it was only two and half hours from where I was living at the time. “Wow,” I thought, “this might be doable!!!”

A year passed, and I decided to sell my home and move to Leesburg. I wanted to be part of this beautiful, miraculous thing. I wanted to be part of this goodness.

I started looking to buy a home in Leesburg. In November of last year, I found and bought a home. I moved here not knowing anyone, but I felt I had a calling.

It seemed that God orchestrated so many events and blessings for this to become a reality in my life.

I signed up for a tour of the CCC. It happened that I was the only person on the tour that day! As Teresa introduced me to each director, I felt totally overwhelmed with the goodness that was present. As each person described their duties, I saw how dedicated each person was, how heartfelt they were in describing what they did and how this was all part of a normal day for them.

However, for me I was seeing how special and blessed was the work that they were doing. The reality of such goodness overwhelmed me.

Later that evening I filled out an online application to volunteer at the Benevolence Center. I chose it because Glenn had said during the tour that since COVID, it was the area of the greatest need because it supplied the whole complex in one form or another.

I now volunteer twice a week and consider it a privilege to be part of God’s work. I have met like-minded people who also have a heart to serve…who have a heart for God. I am so blessed that God led me to where I can serve Him in this amazing place called the Christian Care Center.

CLICK HERE to give online or CLICK HERE to schedule a tour. #ccc #ChristianCareCenter #needy #meetingneeds #SharingChrist #livestransformed

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