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The Story of Bryson and Walter

Bryson came to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center in September. We actually shared part of Bryson’s story in a blog post on September 17. Bryson (referred to as Tabitha in the original post for some then current security concerns) initially thought she was pregnant and wanted some counseling but later found out that she was not. She ended up being befriended by several of our workers and volunteers at the Pregnancy & Family Care Venter. A few months ago, she invited Christ into her life while she was visiting with us. Bryson said, “You told me to leave a window open for God; instead, He kicked the door down!”

She and her boyfriend, Walter, became convicted that they should be married so they did premarital counseling. They had a wedding ceremony on December 5, and her weekend continued by going through the waters of baptism at First Leesburg the following morning. Other signs of God’s love to this young couple can be seen in how God brought this impromptu wedding together: God’s family provided a wedding dress and someone to alter it for her, a suit for Walter, wedding rings (gifted to them by a newly wedded couple), flowers, photography, singer, and a bridal shower by the Village Park ladies (the Gaines are very young and had nothing to start their lives out with). We love seeing how the Lord brings things together and transforms lives for His glory! Please pray for Bryson & Walter as they grow together in their faith and marriage.

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