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Sharing the Truth in Love

-written by Rachel Caruso, Assistant Director of our Pregnancy & Family Care Center

Tabitha (18) came in for a pregnancy test, shaking and extremely anxious. She let us know that, if she was pregnant, abortion would be the best option for her and her fiancé. Our sweet volunteer, Kathy Mannara, covered Tabitha up in baby blankets to help her stop shaking. We both shared our hearts with her and God’s truth in love, thus Tabitha felt comfortable enough to open up to us and tell us that even though she told the receptionist that she was an atheist, she really was wiccan. After sharing the gospel with her and also the truths behind abortion, Tabitha agreed to keep her heart open, go home and educate herself about abortion and search who Jesus is. Tabitha had a negative test but assured us she would be back. We both reached out to Tabitha over the weekend and as promised she came back…to ask to volunteer. Her words were “When I needed help, you guys helped me calm down and bring everything together again. I want to be given the chance to help other young women and families.”

Tabitha told me that she shared with her fiancé how intimidating it can be to talk about her beliefs with other Christians because of the way they treat her, and he assured her to not be afraid of us. She thanked us for making her feel so welcome. Last Friday she showed up again to help volunteer in our clothes closet, and she watched the movie “God’s Not Dead”. She recently came back in with Bible in hand as well as the Bible studies she has been working on. She spent a few more hours in the clothes closet with another of our volunteers and even asked to watch “God’s Not Dead 2”!

She is working on a Bible study about the book of John. One of the questions asks if she has received Jesus as her own Lord and Savior, to which she responded, “I am trying to.”

All we did was kept it simple, love her like crazy and share His truth in love. I asked Tabitha to keep the door of her heart open and at least consider the truths of Jesus. She did leave that door open, and the Lord kicked that door down. The very next day Tabitha shared with me that she had received Jesus as her Savior! She came to us abortion-minded and against the truths of Jesus, and she is now a born again child of God! It is so incredible to watch as the Lord continues to touch hearts and transform lives!

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