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Samaritan Inn Children Enjoy a Fun Trip to SkyZone

What an adventure our children at Samaritan Inn were able to experience over recently thanks to the generosity of our faithful partners! We were able to enjoy a night out at SkyZone, and for some this was their first time there. As always, we are so thankful to be able to provide these children with an experience that we feel like they may not get otherwise if they were not here.

For those of you that are taking the time to read this blog, we want to encourage you to continue to pray for our ministry, as well as all the other ministries on campus. Thank you so much for the love and compassion you show to those who are less fortunate and in need. One of our kids said that it was the best time that he ever had, and hearing that is just a firm reminder of how awesome it is to be able to share these experiences in the short time we have with some of the families here.

If you have any questions about either prayerfully or financially, please contact Samaritan Inn Director John Draxinger via email at

CLICK HERE to give online or CLICK HERE to schedule a tour. #ccc #ChristianCareCenter #needy #meetingneeds #SharingChrist #livestransformed

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