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Pregnancy & Family Care Center Uses New Strategy to Reach the Community

In an attempt to reach out to the community, the Pregnancy & Family Care Center promoted their Earn-While-You-Learn Program on Facebook’s Marketplace with a video and photos of all the baby items that moms and dads could receive. We said, “Come check us out and you will receive 20 to 30 free diapers!” While giving them a tour of the center, the volunteers explained how they could “earn” other baby items from the pregnancy center, by “learning” in the form of completing Bible Studies or watching parenting videos and much more! They loved it and many agreed to participate in the Earn-While-You-Learn Program. Within six weeks, almost 90 new clients had responded to the promotion and seven of them received Christ as their Savior after having the Gospel – the “Good News” of Jesus Christ shared with them. What a blessing!

CLICK HERE to give online or CLICK HERE to schedule a tour. #ccc #ChristianCareCenter #needy #meetingneeds #SharingChrist #livestransformed

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