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Peace in the Midst of a Trial

Dulce has been coming to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center (PFCC) on and off since 2011, participating in our Earn-While-You-Learn Program so she could get baby items for her kids. She married Christian two years ago and he became a great father to her four children. Now Dulce is due with his first baby! We had never met Christian because he worked full time providing for his family until he recently lost his job and then their housing.

Dulce never mentioned their hardships but someone else did on the day they were having to leave their hotel room. Over the course of a couple of days, the PFCC was able to help them a little bit while Christian continued to scour the area for a job as a mechanic.

Christian spent his first time in our Pregnancy & Family Care Center with PFCC Assistant Director Rachel, who shared Jesus with them. He watched The Cross by Billy Graham which presented the wonderful message of salvation, and by the end of the day, Christian came to faith in Christ and the whole family attended church the next Sunday as well as a Bible Fellowship Class.

Christian shared that there were many changes going on his life since he was letting go of those things that held him back. He told us that he has never felt so much peace in his life – peace in the midst of a trial that God used to draw Christian to Jesus! Only God!

In the photo above, Pastor Cliff Lea is pictured sharing dinner with Christian, Dulce, and the children, giving him an opportunity to get to know his new brother in Christ!

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