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Patient Receives Services; Leaves with a New Smile

I’d like to share a touching story from the Community Medical Care Center (CMCC) that happened recently. During this challenging season of COVID-19, the CMCC has remained open by implementing CDC protocol, treating Medical patients and closing our Dental Department. This left several Dental patients mid-treatment plan, awaiting delivery of dentures or partials. This situation left me conflicted as, if too much time passes, the plates will not fit properly, leaving the patient without teeth and the CMCC resources misused. After thoughtful consideration and prayer, I reached out to one of our volunteer dentists, asking if he was at ease and willing to complete the cases that he had been working on at the beginning of the year. To my grateful surprise, he agreed and our Dental Coordinator, Loretta, arranged for the appointments.

One of these patients has recently received both upper and lower plates. It was so touching, rewarding and humbling to experience her excitement and appreciation. She was in joyful tears during the entire visit, and the change in her demeanor and attitude were immediate. She shared that her grandson was tuning eight this week and that for the first time, she would be able to smile in the birthday party pictures! She was so thankful and grateful that it was very humbling to have been a part of her experience. The changes in her demeanor and attitude were immediate. It’s truly a blessing to be able to help such thankful and deserving people and to be allowed to call my position at CMCC my job. We see daily God’s hand at work in the lives of our patients, volunteers and also ourselves.

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