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A Path to Survival

Have you ever felt like you've had the rug pulled out from underneath you? Brigitte* has. We met her when she was five months pregnant and severely depressed. Her husband had recently left her and had taken their transportation and all the belongings out of their Tavares apartment. She had just lost her job because of her blood pressure and was put on bed rest. She needed baby items and didn't know where to turn, so she called 211. They directed her to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center where she met Rachel, Alicia and Susan who instantly surrounded her with love and prayer. Brigitte was taken much needed food from our Benevolence Center. When Rachel arrived with the food, her husband had just told her he was not going to support her at all anymore or pay for their place. She asked Rachel, “Where did you all come from? I literally have no support here.” Our care and concern for her was overwhelming. She called us angels, but Rachel reminded her it was Jesus! Susan got really involved with her and took her under her wing, and eventually Brigitte started going to a local church in her area.

She recently texted us an updated photo of her son who is now 9 months old. Brigitte tells us, "When I look at my son, I remember everyone that God sent to help when I was going through a rough pregnancy. I feel like I would not have made without you guys, but God was able to see the path for me to survive and the help that I needed." She was reminded that it was all Jesus. She replied, “I thank Him.” What a privilege it is to walk through life with those God brings through our doors!

*Name changed for security purposes.

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