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Overcoming Many Obstacles and Pursuing Dreams

Savannah endured many hardships during her childhood, but faith in God and the love poured on her by Pregnancy & Family Care Center’s Assistant Director, Rachel Caruso, and other PFCC advocates made a huge impact on her life, resulting in getting her and her younger siblings out of an unhealthy family environment.

Savannah came to the PFCC in 2019 for a pregnancy test and was considering abortion. She was only 15 years old and scared, as she had no support, until she came here. She realized the value of her baby’s life in her womb; and, while being mentored by Rachel, she realized her need for Jesus, started growing in her faith and chose to let her baby live!

During her pregnancy, she spent most days after school at our pregnancy center as it was safer than returning to her family’s meth-filled travel trailer with no electricity and little food to be had. She spent many hours here educating herself on childbirth and parenting as well as completing many Bible Studies.

Just before her baby was born, she and her siblings were relocated to safe homes. Savannah’s son, Tyree, now 18 months old, is such a joy to Savannah and this world! Through it all, Savannah never gave up on her dream to graduate from high school and with God’s help she did! Click here to read more of her story.

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