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The Needy Giving to the Needy

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

“Do you have any perfume or a hairbrush?” was the question asked to Wanda Kohn, Director of our Pregnancy & Family Care Center, by a homeless person who had not been able to bathe for several days. Before Wanda could respond, another woman taking her parenting class heard the request. This other woman quickly reached in her purse and pulled out a bottle of perfume and gave it to her, along with a snack of popcorn. Later, when Wanda thanked her for her kind and selfless gesture, she replied, “I have been in the same situation many times. I was stubborn for years, and I’m just blessed God is giving me the strength to get through my own issues so I can be the mother I’ve wanted to be.” Seeing the needy minister to each other is one of the most humbling experiences to behold.

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