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Multiple Ministries Work Together to Meet a Need

-written by Wanda Kohn, Director of our Pregnancy & Family Care Center

When Jay saw Trevina on her knees praying outside the Men’s Residence, along with the youngest of her five children, he knew there must be a real need. After speaking to Jay and taking a walk across the parking lot, Trevina, her husband, and five kids landed at the Pregnancy & Family Care Center. Trevina shared that ever since Hurricane Irma, her family had not been stable, moving from place to place, none of these being suitable. Their big break finally came as they had been approved for housing in Augusta, Georgia. With all of their belongings in a pickup truck and U-Haul, they had until the next morning to get there but they ran out of gas just down the road from the Christian Care Center.

“Why would God allow Satan to do this?” Trevina asked through tears. “My husband has Parkinson’s and cannot work anymore, and I have to help take care of him and this is our only hope.” I shared with her that she could choose to look at this situation as an attack from the enemy or as an opportunity to grow her faith in Jesus because He did in fact have her back – He brought them to the Christian Care Center!

After praying with Trevina and then with her whole family, I met them at the gas station to fill up their truck with gas with funds from an emergency family assistance fund.

In the meantime, Joe Kovascic, resident of the Men’s Residence, was busily gathering food from the Benevolence Center for the family’s trip. So, in the matter of a half hour, this family was blessed by the Benevolence Center, the Men’s Residence and the Pregnancy & Family Care Center, all to let this family know that God is active and Jesus is alive! In addition to the blessing this family was to me, I was also blessed by Joe and his care and enthusiasm for making sure this family was taken care of with food! He was so happy to help!

A few days later, I texted Trevina and asked if they had made it, and she responded, “Praise God! I am so happy that you texted me. Yes, we made it just fine. I was thinking about looking your ministry up to reach out and thank you for helping me and my family and also just for being there for us in our time of need!”

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