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Mr. Neil

When the ladies arrive at the Women’s Care Center, they are given a Bible (unless they have their own) and several workbooks, notebooks, and folders. It is almost like going back to school. Some have called it “Bible boot camp” – because of all the Bible studies and life skill classes.

One of the classes is called “Seeking Him” and is taught by Neil Stewart. It is an in-depth study on personal revival. The class usually goes over many topics, and Mr. Neil is always up for a challenge or debate at hand. He teaches the importance of sound doctrine and the ladies love coming to him with questions.

Mr. Neil also challenges the ladies to memorize the books of the Bible and makes it easier by only asking for the books of the New Testament. Some of the ladies have met the challenge and have also memorized the books of the Old Testament as well. After reciting the books in order, he rewards them with a new John MacArthur Study Bible. The ladies are proud of what they have accomplished and especially proud of the Bible that they have worked hard for.

Mr. Neil also surprises the ladies with a little mini concert from time to time, even bringing a dear friend along (Dave Boyer). It always proves to be a joyous time!

If you would like to find out more about the Women’s Care Center and what their “Bible boot camp” schedule looks like or maybe find out about partnering with us either prayerfully or financially, please contact our Director, Sherry Stewart at (352) 787-8929.

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