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Making an Impact from Florida to Texas

I answered my phone late one night, and it was a call that had been forwarded from the Pregnancy & Family Care Center from a lady named Stacy in Texas. She was considering taking the morning after pill but wanted to know whether that was the right thing to do or not. I shared with her that the morning after pill known as “Plan B” not only protects from pregnancy bit is also an abortifacient, which would kill a baby early in development. After we discussed this issue, she was convicted that taking this pill is not the right thing to do just in case she was pregnant, as she would not want to kill her baby. I also shared an article with her (click here to read the article).

I want to share parts of a message that I received from Stacy the next morning. She said, “Good morning, Wanda. Thank you again for your time, for listening, and for your prayers. It means a lot to me, and I am so grateful you answered the phone. I appreciate the article and the factual information it provides. The info provided explains the fine print on the EC and other aspects about that medication that were unclear to me before. It only further confirmed what I felt in my heart and mind was wrong, as well as brought me a lot of clarity and peace about my decision to not take that does break my heart though, as I wish more women knew the potential consequences of this medication and what it actually is and can do, as it has been so normalized in society and even marketed as 'responsible' or something to be taken very lightly...which is far from the truth or reality.”

Stacy assured me that she will stay in touch with us, and we are so thankful for the chance to reach out and save one more life!

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