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  • Gina Beasley, Women's Care Center Asst. Dir.

Lake Yale

Recently, one of the past graduates of the Women’s Care Center invited the ladies and many other graduates for an afternoon of fun at Lake Yale. There was a wonderful cookout with plenty of food, sweet fellowship, lots of games, a whole lot of laughter and even a few tears (happy tears). 

It was the perfect setting with lots of sunshine and a beautiful view. A few of the ladies tried out the canoes and found that they were all pretty good at it (with the exception of a couple who struggled to get out of the canoe). Needless to say, there were all kinds of fun for everyone – even a Bible trivia game!

The gathering came to a close when Katelyn, our host, invited everyone by the fire for a sweet time of devotion and a good word to ponder. Several ladies shared and it concluded a wonderful day of celebration – celebrating God’s amazing grace, His mercy and His unfailing love. It was such a great time to enjoy clean and sober fun, while we loved and encouraged our fellow sisters in Christ.

If you would like to learn more about the Women’s Care Center or perhaps how you could partner with us, either prayerfully or financially, please contact our Director, Sherry Stewart at (352) 787-8929. Let us share what God is doing in our midst. We are definitely blessed beyond measure!

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