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Holding Virtual Classes

In these days of the Coronavirus, it seems that things are getting more and more interesting. With developing news updates come new guidelines, recommendations, warnings and guidelines. More and more businesses are closing or at least drastically changing the way they do business. As we have said before, the Christian Care Center is open and serving our clients, but in some unique ways. What we do has not changed, but how we do what we do has changed temporarily. One of these changes has been that of virtual learning. As you can see from the pictures below, some of our volunteer teachers are now teaching our Women’s Care Center ladies as well as Men’s Residents via virtual classes.

In addition, all 12 of the children in our Children’s Shelter are now continuing their classes through virtual school.

Yes, these are interesting days, and we ask for your prayers as we continue to serve our residents. Pray that all of them, the children as well as the women and men, get the most out of these virtual classes. Pray that the Lord’s presence will be truly felt and experienced by all of us, and that He will be glorified in this time!

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