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Haircuts and the Gospel

Several weeks ago, we received a note from Art Ayris, the publisher at Kingstone Comics, and we wanted to share it with you.

Knowing there are no accidents in relationships with God, I seek to look for open doors and opportunities in which to share the gospel in a natural and easy manner. Being fairly busy being an Executive Pastor and also the Publisher at Kingstone Comics, I am always looking for ways to save and conserve time.

At the place where I get my hair cut, I typically see Paula who is a believer and Rick, who let’s say, is not quite there with the gospel. Both of them give great haircuts and I see them at different times depending on schedules. One thing I really liked about Rick was he not only gave me a great haircut but also cut me quicker than anyone else. Could always count on him for a quick in and out.

Also, could count on him being resistant to the gospel. For two years, I tried to wedge in anything I could to engage on spiritual matters – his church background, family, my church, Jesus – even his cat! But he was resolute and let me know he didn’t want to hear anything about Jesus or politics. But…I prayed, plus left good tips to make the exit sweet.

About 8 weeks ago on a Wednesday I was driving to the office from lunch, and I got a call from Rick. His alcoholism landed him in the hospital, and he had no place to go, and the hospital was booting him out the next day. I made a beeline for our Men’s Center drug and rehabilitation center and pleaded, “Please tell me you have a room available.” Two of the staff members made a visit that afternoon to Rick in the hospital. Even though there were some medical concerns they took the risk and brought him in.

The first time I visited Rick he looked terrible. The abuse had taken a horrible toll on his body, and he was having trouble walking. When I saw him later, he looked so much better. But what was happening inside was so much bigger.

The first few weeks he remained resistant to the gospel and felt he could self-correct his life without God. But as people continued to show love to him and he experienced the ongoing exposure to God’s Word, he began changing. One afternoon while sitting out I shared the gospel and this time he was completely ready to humble himself, repent of his sins and receive the gift of eternal life. Next week I will be baptizing him and another resident from our Men’s Center*. If we have our ears tuned, maybe we can hear the sounds of joy in Heaven from the throne and Him who sits on it at the sinners who have repented.

*As seen in the included pictures, this baptism has occurred since this article was written.

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