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From Death to Life

Think about it - The womb is one the most dangerous places a baby will ever be in his or her lifetime - the place that God created for safety has now become a place of danger! Eighty percent of the ladies who come to the Pregnancy & Family Care Center and are considering abortion and receive factual information on it coupled with an ultrasound referral, choose to keep their babies! Stacey came to us a few days ago, very apprehensive about her pregnancy. Having been deserted by the father of her now six-year-old, she didn’t want that to happen again. She also had some other fears such as no income temporarily as she had recently lost her job. She also wondered if her baby would come out alright as she had been drinking before she knew that she was pregnant. We shared, talked, and prayed with her, and then we made an appointment for Stacey with a prolife OB/GYN doctor for the ultrasound. She texted us after her appointment and said, “Yay! There’s a heartbeat (120), they said I’m 5 weeks and 6 days. I’m going to keep him as long as there was nothing wrong genetically.” The doctor assured her that her baby was ok! We are thanking God for the saving of one more life!

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