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  • Gina Beasley, Women's Care Center Asst. Dir.

Changes & Celebrations

A lot of important celebrations occur at the Women’s Care Center. When one our ladies decide to make a public declaration of their faith, we celebrate their Baptism! That’s definitely a huge celebration both here and in Heaven!! We also celebrate birthdays – for many they are celebrating their birthday for the first time clean and sober. Also, recently, we had a first when one of our ladies finally received her “green card” after it had been previously stolen.

Whether it’s a green card, state identification or getting a driver’s license reinstated, they are necessary milestones on the road to getting prepared to live life effectively, as well as getting ready for employment! It’s exciting to see the ladies grow spiritually and gain the foundation needed to become the women they were created to be. Their counselor and life coach, along with the many volunteers that pour into them, play a huge role in walking alongside them as they allow Jesus to transform their hearts.

If you would like to hear more about the changes and celebrations that take place at the Women’s Care Center, contact Sherry Stewart, our Director at (352) 787-8929. Also, find out how you can partner with us, either prayerfully or financially. There is a lot of excitement going on at the Women’s Care Center – call and see how you can be a part of it!

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