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A Break from the Heat

Oh, those hot summer days! How do you beat the heat on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when you are at the Women’s Care Center and just craving a little bit of sunshine and fresh air?

Well, recently a $15 purchase of an inflatable pool that was on sale at Walmart proved to be an excellent idea. The ladies enjoy the outdoors but because of health issues, scheduling and finances, it is not always feasible to take a weekend adventure any farther than just the backyard.

The ladies have truly enjoyed their sun and spa time when weather permits on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Who knew that a $15 purchase could bring such laughter and joy? A little time outdoors seems to be just what was needed in creating an overall attitude adjustment after a busy week!

If you would like to find out more about the Women’s Care Center or how you could partner with us either prayerfully or financially, contact Sherry Stewart, our Women’s Care Center Director, at (352) 787-8929.

CLICK HERE to give online or CLICK HERE to schedule a tour. #ccc #ChristianCareCenter #needy #meetingneeds #SharingChrist #livestransformed

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