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Allison: A Life Transformed

Allison came to the Women’s Care Center in January 2019. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that giving up her cell phone was what may have prevented her from taking that first step to turning her life over. Fortunately, not only did she surrender her cell phone, but also her will. She was broken and definitely ready for a change.

Gradually, God began doing a work in her heart. She came for healing and God made her whole! Allison successfully completed the program, began volunteering at our Benevolence Center and eventually got a job as the cook for Samaritan Inn! She has been asked many times, “What part of your job do you like most?” She is quick to answer – “It’s not like a job; it’s cooking for my family”.

And family it is! Allison transitioned from the Women’s Care Center to the Samaritan Inn, but she is family and friend to everyone on the Christian Care Center campus. Allison continues to give back to the Women’s Care Center by keeping in close contact with all of the residents. Because of similar pasts and struggles, she has an immediate connection with the ladies. Allison gladly shares her testimony of exactly where God pulled her from and what God is doing in her life.

In November 2020, Allison began a group called “The Struggle is Real”. She meets with past residents of the Women’s Care Center to discuss current struggles and successes as well as the reminder to keep their eyes on Jesus.

Allison is currently working on getting her GED, and we are so proud of her! Once time permits, she will be facilitating an Addictions Class at the Women’s Care Center for the current residents. Allison has a servant’s heart, and we are blessed to have her on our CCC team!

If you would like to find out more about the Women’s Care Center, and perhaps how you could partner with us, either prayerfully or financially, contact our Women’s Care Center Director, Sherry Stewart at (352) 787-8929.

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