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Gail started a personal relationship with Jesus while in jail in 2020 after an arrest from what could have been a fatal car crash. Before coming to Leesburg, Gail’s life in Alaska was classified by her losses and trauma of domestic violence abuse, addictions, homelessness, and living a life of crime.

Gail came to the Women’s Care Center on May 2, 2022, and she completed 10 months of the program. She has been living in the transition phase (where the ladies are able to work a job) since March 1, 2023. While in the program, Gail had to do a lot of work on forgiveness. It was heavy and deep, but she was able to do it because of the healing work and forgiveness of Jesus Christ in her own life. Gail thought it only made sense to extend that forgiveness to the ones who hurt her.

She no longer carries around her grief and trauma as an identity. Gail finds her identity in Christ. She is His masterpiece…the apple of His eye. He has good plans for Gail’s life and she continues to trust in that as she walks with Him day by day. It was an honor to share her testimony for the Hearts of Hope women’s benefit luncheon in 2023 for approximately 300 ladies.

Since graduating Gail has been able to hold down steady employment, get her driver’s license back, and buy a car. She loves the wonderful church family of First Baptist Leesburg and is looking forward to building a life here in Florida.

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